FESP has made a series of presentations and organized workshops over the past two years at a number of international conferences.

Workhops and Presentations till now

  • 16 Mar 2005: Future Needs for Research Infrastructures in Biomedical Sciences, Brussels, Belgium - Workshop organized by the EC Research Directorate Generals for Infrastructures and for Health [L. Banci]
  • 31 Aug 2005: FESP Workshop at SPINE Annual Congress, Montecatini, Italy [L. Banci, U. Heinemann, G. Schneider, I. Silman, J. Sussman & J. Enfedaque]
  • 20-25 Aug 2005: NMR in Molecular Biology, Scania, Sweden - ESF Conference, round table [K. Wuthrich, C. Arrowsmith, H. Oschkinat & L. Banci]
  • 6-8 Dec 2005: 3rd European Conference on Research Infrastructures, Nottingham, UK, organized by EC, Directorate Research Infrastructures [L. Banci]
  • 6-8 Dec 2005: 4th SESAME USERS Meeting, Dead Sea, Jordan [J. Sussman]
  • 28 Jan 2006: EMBL-Hamburg Priorities Committee Meeting, Hamburg, Germany [G. Schneider & J. Sussman]
  • 5-6 Apr 2006: FESP Kick-Off Meeting, Brussels, Belgium [L. Banci, W. Baumeister, U. Heinemann, G. Schneider, I. Silman & J. Sussman>
  • 6 Apr 2006: Infrastructures for EM & NMR, Brussels, Belgium - Participants: A. Engel, C. Griesinger, W. Hax, H. Oschkinat, S. Pittard & G. Wolf [L. Banci & W. Baumeister]
  • 5-6 May 2006: Complementary Techniques to NMR for Structure Determination of Biological Macromolecular Complexes, Florence, Italy (Joint CA NMR for Life & FESP Activity) [L. Banci] Meeting Report
  • 23 May2006: SPINE2-Complexes Preparatory Meeting, Budapest, Hungary [L. Banci, U. Heinemann, G . Schneider, I. Silman & J. Sussman]
  • 5-6 Jun 2006: European Research Infrastructures for the Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria - Organized by the European Life Sciences Forum (ELSF) [J. Sussman]
  • 23 Oct 2006: 4th ISGO Annual Meeting, Beijing, China - special evening workshop [L. Banci, U. Heinemann & J. Sussman]
  • 15-17 Nov 2006: The Direction of Structural Proteomics - From the Molecule to the System, Stockholm, Sweden - A Joint EC/FESP Workshop that Addressed Strategic Directions in Structural Biology [L. Banci, W. Baumeister, J. Enfedaque, U. Heinemann, G. Schneider, I. Silman & J. Sussman]
    See: Banci et al. Structural proteomics: from the molecule to the system Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 14, 3-4 (2007). [Abstract]
  • 18-20 Jan 2007: Advances and Management of NMR in Life Sciences, Florence, Italy - A Joint Meeting of (I3) EU-NMR and (CA) NMR-LIFE > [Ivano Bertini (Chair), Rolf Boelens, Lyndon Emsley, Ulrich Guenther, Harald Schwalbe] 
    Presentation by Lucia Banci
  • 19 Feb 2007: Synchrotron Radiation in Structural Biology, G. Schneider, Conference on Structures in Biology - Past, Present and Future, Didcot, UK

Planned Workshops and Presentations