• After a number of Structural Genomics and Structural Proteomics (SG/SP) projects worldwide have been running for up to 10 years, there is a compelling need to assess and compare their achievements both with respect to the success of the strategies adopted, and in the context of the investments made in terms of manpower and infrastructure.
  • The infrastructures involved in SG/SP projects must be analyzed thoroughly, so as to assess their efficacy and their efficiency in responding to the needs of the projects, and their accessibility from the users' point of view.
  • The needs of the pharma/biotech industry, and the clinical and agricultural establishments, should be analyzed and addressed.
  • Future directions and infrastructures need to be recommended based on anticipated developments in research in the life sciences.
  • A database will be established which will serve as a complete register of SG/SP projects worldwide.
  • A position paper, including an assessment of SG/SP activities in Europe and elsewhere, and a strategic road map to guide future directions of SG/SP initiatives in EU will be produced.